What Is The Real Truth When It Comes Juicing?

When it comes to juicing there is a lot of confusion. We hear a lot of arguments regarding this subject, a lot of pros and cons. The question is which one is correct and how to know what is the real truth when it comes to juicers. Here we have to tell you that the answer is relative and it depends on your health. If you have any possible imbalance in your body, you need to change the procedure. Even if juices are rich in oxygen, enzymes, and water, you need to beware of high concentration of natural sugars it can harm you. Any sugar even natural one can feed yeast, which can slow down your digestion, and it can also provoke weight gain or any imbalance of your metabolism.

What happens with fiber from vegetables and fruits?

Sometimes the effect of juices is huge because it removes the fiber from vegetables and fruits as well. This high concentration of sugar is not good if you already have increased amounts of sugar. You need to check your health condition before you start using juicers. This effect is quite similar to sugar, and you should be aware of that.

What happens with fiber from vegetables and fruits?Before you start using a juicer you should hear some tips:

Yeast problem require avoiding juicers

In case you have a problem with yeast in the body do not use juicers under any circumstances. You need to intake significant amount of friendly bacteria so you can improve the balance in your body. After you manage to detoxify your colon, you can start using juicers.

Drink juice in the morning

The best way to intake vitamins is in the morning. Due to the enormous amount of sugar that you are going to take with juice, it is the best to drink it in the morning on an empty stomach.

To improve your digestion, you should practically “chew” your juice

If you want to improve your digestion process, it is advisable swishing your juice around the amount that will mix it with saliva and this way you won’t skip the most important thing when it comes to digestion, chewing.

There are some ingredients you shouldn’t juice

Please do not juice cabbage or collard greens or kale. They have a bad influence on thyroid function in raw condition.

After you check your condition, you will be able to enjoy this refreshment every single morning. It should be part of your daily routine, and it should provide you with enough energy for all daily activities and tasks that you decided to finish.If you are an early bird, you should use a masticating juicer because it is slower but the quality is impeccable.