Masticating juicers – juicing tips

You probably never gave a real thought to how you juice your fruit and veggies. A completely natural juice is full of nutritious ingredients which are all very good for your health. Sometimes, a wrong juicing method can greatly deteriorate the quality of the juice, leaving nothing but a mashed up pulp that does not taste so good and it is not rich in what you need. It is all about the richness and the taste of the juice.

Masticating juicers are much better than any other type of the same product. It is a proven fact that masticating juicers can produce up to 20% more juice than any centrifugal juicer. And the juice is of a much higher quality since this juicing method takes the best from the pulp and give you the essential nutrients hidden in food. This is also good because you will not have to buy a lot more fruits and vegetables to get a simple glass of juice.

This will actually help you to get the best of what you have. So basically, you can save some money this way. Masticating juicers tend to be a bit more expensive than the centrifugal ones but, they will eventually pay off because of the fact that they use everything from the fruits and vegetables. It is the ability that this masticating juicer has to extract the last drop of juice from the pulp. The dryer the pulp is, the better the quality of the juice is.

Dry pulp means maximum nutrients

The centrifugal juicer cannot release the juices like the masticating one can. That is the purpose of this juicer, to extract everything important from the food and give you the maximum result. That is the main reason why this machine is the best on the market. It is able to get out everything good from the food and preserve all those healthy enzymes, minerals and vitamins for which you are juicing in the first place.

Healthy lifestyle and juicing are going hand in hand. Because of this, many people need something more than just a mushy orange juice. If you are into this and you want to get the best and the most nutrition possible, you will need to juice leafy greens as well, with your ordinary fruits and veggies. Since these juicers use the mastication as their juicing method, they are able to gently press the juice out and get you a nice wholesome drink full of tasty nutrients.

Masticating juicers - juicing tips

Many people think that these juices are not tasty at all. Well, with a masticating juicer, you will surely notice the difference. Centrifugal juicer would simply tear apart everything put inside and turn it into a pile of mush that is stripped from every mineral, vitamin and enzyme. Sure, if you put some fruit in it, you’ll get a nice juice but if nutrition and taste are really important to you, you will stick to the mastication method and enjoy the freshness.