How To Properly Maintain Your Juicer?

No matter what you think, no matter how masticating juicers annoys you due to their slow performance you need to need to know they are more efficient than others. There are some tips that you can apply on all of them. If you want to accelerate their performance, you can cut vegetables and fruits into smaller pieces. You will see how faster your juicer is working. Some of them you can even peel it.

What is the best quality of masticating juicer?

Even if it is slower than others masticating juicer is more efficient. It’s completely separate the juice from its dry pulp. It is easier to clean it, and you use everything from the fruit completely, without leftovers. It is the biggest advantage of this type of juicer. Unlike to centrifugal, it provides you with juice and only with the juice. Thanks to its mesh and the power that can squeeze the content to complete dryness.

What is the best quality of masticating juicer?Here are some tips to completely use this product

Do not force it too much. It is slower, but it is doing its job to perfection. A lot of people are not aware of this. They are forcing it and eventually end up with the broken juicer. People usually do not realize that this juicer is made to be efficient, not fast and this is their main purpose. If you just give it enough time to perform its activity you will never have to worry about the maintenance.

The simplest advice ever

You will probably laugh at our suggestion but seriously the best way to maintain your juicer is to read your manual that goes with the box. No matter what you thing but every juicer is a story for itself. Maintenance depends on the model, and there is no general rule regarding this. Each model has a different of cleaning and maintaining, and no matter how much you think they are similar they are quite different.

Make sure that you clean your juicer before its first usage

This is highly important because it doesn’t mean it is clean just because it is new. You certainly do not want to put into your stomach some extra undesired bacteria.  Depending on a model you will see what parts you need to clean. In some cases there are going to be a lot of them, in others, they are going to be only a few of them.

The best time to clean your juicer is right after the usage

This suggestion is really practical because everything is easier to clean when it is fresh. It is the same principle as with stains; the fresher stain is, the easier is to clean it. If you let it sit around, it is likely that you are going to have a hard time. However, if you are lazy to clean it immediately, at least sink all the parts into the water and save yourself a lot of time.